Montgomery Book Exchange

Store Credit (“Book Bucks”) Guidelines


We always welcome donations of any type of book 24 x 7.  We have a covered back porch with waterproof totes where you can leave donations outside of our business hours.  We’ll also pickup books from your home depending on distance, quality and quantity.

Store Credit 

Bring in your well-loved or gently used books for store credit

The amount of store credit is based on:

  • condition

  • age

  • space available at the Store

  • inventory needs

  • content / genre

Store credit can be used to offset up to half of the pre-tax amount of a purchase

Books we DO take that most other book stores do not:

  • dictionaries

  • encyclopedias

  • Reader’s Digest Condensed Books

  • Library Discards

  • Text Books

If you don’t use the store credit (Book Bucks) right away, we’ll keep track of it for you and even email it to you so you don’t forget.


  • We don’t give cash for books

  • We don’t take books on consignment

  • We don’t take magazines or newspapers


Thank you for your business!